Jun 22, 2006
I bummed this hardware off from a friend. All he had was the CD, the sound card, and the gametheater box. He was running it on an older computer with Windows NT.
I put the sound card into my computer. Windows XP read it, recognized it. It asked for a driver. So I put in the CD. The installation went smooth. I restarted my computer. First time it restarted it was fine. The next time i restarted. Windows crashed. I had to completely reformat my harddrive. Coincidence maybe? I'm not sure. Im wondering if the driver that was on the CD for it wasn't compatible with Windows Xp Service Pack 2.

All it says on the CD is

Volume 1
Version 3.00
Installation CD Rom
Audio & Music Software

I would really like to get this sound system to work, but I am afraid to install the same driver again. Is there a Windows XP SP2 compatable driver for this? I am currently downloading "Hercules Sound Card Game Theater XP 6.1 Version 6.09" driver. This says it should work. Once i get it downloaded is it a self extracting file? Could anyone give me some details on this?


Aug 20, 2006
It's been awhile since I ran that setup, but YES; the 6.09a driver does work fine in XP w/SP2. Just make sure yer not stressin that big old cable to the breakout box too much, cause THAT can give ya some grief! The driver from the site should be self-extracting too..