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Here Are The Benefits Of The Windows 10 Insider Program

Microsoft has come up with the Windows 10 Insider Program, which is a voluntary service to allow users in experiencing Window’s upcoming version prior to it getting launched publicly. This program has been specially designed to target the enthusiast mass or early adopters or those like beta testing a new software.

The Aim of Windows 10 Insider Program

Microsoft along with allowing people to use this software is also at the same time motivating testers to share their experience in the form of feedbacks. This is done through a specialized application that comes with ratings as well as a space for leaving notes for the development team of Windows to read. This will be an excellent app for computer geeks.

This app testing method will provide consumers with a hint of what is in the making. The Windows 10 Insider Program has two alluring features that cannot be overlooked. Firstly, it will provide you with a higher number of frequent updates and also you will have good access especially to the windows feedback application that will allow users in sending the comments directly.

Basic Facts About Windows 10 Insider Program

Simply put, the Windows 10 Insider Program actually is a single big beta and has three rings or levels namely Fast Rings, Slow Rings and the Release Preview Rings. The Windows 10’s unfinished builds is released by Microsoft to Insiders under the Fast ring. They then send across the feedback to Microsoft regarding the pros and cons and also any problem which they may face. It will then get promoted towards the slow ring provided the build is stable and finally reach the Release Preview ring.


Benefits Galore

Below are the top 3 benefits of the Windows 10 Insider Program. Take a look,

■First and foremost, it will allow users in testing and checking the upcoming features of Windows 10. There may be some features here, which may remain incomplete but a major part of it that is shown in the builds for the Insiders are almost completed. The icing on the cake is, the Insiders will get a flexibility of using the new and alluring features of this program much ahead of its official launch. This will be extremely beneficial for developers and IT professionals alike.

Secondly, it will help to outline the upcoming version of Windows. This is an excellent feature of the Windows 10 Insider Program. Through this medium Microsoft is lending an ear to its participants. It is inspiring the Insiders in submitting their feedback on everything including their own ideas, bugs or suggestions. Resting on the significance of the feedback Microsoft may consider an idea and implement the same into Windows.


Last but not the least, this program is a massive community comprising of about 10 million people having similar ideas and interests. For those who are a Windows or Microsoft fan will find the Insider Program really helpful as they can meet like minded people. Insider meetups at times will be organized for meeting these people face to face.


These are some of the benefits of Windows 10 Insider Program.