Question Here's a hypothetical. All current GPU's are in-stock and selling at MSRP. What is my next GPU upgrade? Current specs below.

Nov 29, 2021
I just recently upgraded my CPU/RAM from i7-8700K/3000MHz to i7-12700K/3600MHz (a placeholder until DDR5 is actually appealing), and of course I had to dabble in these Gen4 SSD's you guys are raving about. Now the only thing I need to do next is upgrade my GPU... I have an EVGA RTX 2080 Black Edition Gaming. It's an absolute snooze-fest in terms of performance and OC potential, but at the time that's what $700 got you.

So, let's assume ALL of the most recent GPU releases are selling at MSRP & stock is plentiful. What's the next move?

Is it to buy a current 30-Series card?
Is it to hold off for the 30-Series SUPER release in January?
What about the 40-Series cards next year?

Idk, I really don't need a GPU upgrade...I didn't really need a CPU upgrade. But we all know the PCMasterRace is a slippery slope and ya boy is on SKATES.
Wait until the 40 series comes out. If you're saving up now, you'll have more money then to weigh your options.

Despite how scary everyone seems to make bottlenecks, they're not a problem. If you experience one, that just means you know what else to upgrade.