Here's the Hardware Behind the Amazon Fire Phone

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Nov 7, 2012
I don't think anyone was over-the-top excited about this phone and I can't imagine anyone will be after seeing the specs and price. It remains to be seen how developers will use the "3D" feature but I can't imagine this will be the same kind of successful product that Kindle has been. The Kindle Fire line has been a success due to the low cost of the devices and the . $199-$299 on contract and $649-$749 off contract is nowhere near budget-device level.

Steve Simons

May 31, 2014
No. I suppose if you're married to the Kindle/Prime like many people are to itunes, it would make sense, but at that price?

I expected industry defining hardware, at that just isn't present. For what I do on my phone - watch videos, social-media, text and even sometimes make phone calls - the 3-D element does nothing for me. Instead I get a phone at top dollar pricing with 2 year -old hardware in it.

Even the size of the internal memory (both the RAM and memory space) are terribly poor. Assuming 3D stuff is going to crush memory capacity, wouldn't it make sense to include more - especially with both RAM and flash memory coming so far down in price?

Dolby compatible speakers? Dude, it's a phone and the speakers are like an inch apart.

Reports are that it only has 3.0 Bluetooth too. 3.0?!?! Welcome to 2009 if that's true. I run (okay I more or less look like a dying animal when I do so, but this isn't about me), and I use my fitbit which cannot connect to non-4.0 bluetooth devices (my wife's android phone won't connect to it).

For this to snag a consumer base, it needed two things:
1. Rock-bottom pricing (See Kindle Fire and how they stole a large portion of the tablet industry)
2. High-end specs

Both failed. Those above would be required for most people to even consider switching and trying to transfer all their stuff over to another system (especially relevant for iOS users).


Dolby compatible speakers? Dude, it's a phone and the speakers are like an inch apart.
i always love when companies tout audio features such as this on a phone! i could better understand it if the phone had big stereo front facing speakers like the htc one, but with the fire's implementation, mentioning anything dolby is just a bad joke.

as is the pricing of this thing. i mean who should this appeal to, prices like high-end?

Bluetooth 3.0 is listed in the Fire phone specs on the Amazon site. It is a very strange choice; almost an oversight on their part? Considering the competition, why would they choose the older standard?


Jun 18, 2014
"The phone presumably has a microSD card slot for extra storage although the company doesn’t mention the port."

Why would you presume that? Amazon tablets don't have microSD's. They want you to use their cloud. And they make the Fire available with 32GB or 64GB to partly make up for the lack of a microSD.
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