Here's What You Need to Use Battlefield V's Ray Tracing

Aug 26, 2018
I'm not really into the whole ray tracing thing, I think we have other areas where graphics suck big time, polygone count is too low, textures are still are of low quality, collision systems are far from being perfect even in some games where it is of utmost importance like fifa or PES, physics...etc


Sep 23, 2017
Ray tracing has potential to be awesome but as with any new tech there are teething problems and of course it's going to be expensive for a while. We need to see what the devs do with it first to see if its not just hype.
If you want more polygons and higher res textures they will time.
It's already much better than even 5 to ten years ago.
Went from a cd to multiple cds needed to dvda then multiple again now Blu-ray and eventually we will need more than one. The gpus are the biggest holdup and Internet speed with most people downloading games 300gb games are too big still. It will come in time.
I'm going to sit on the sidelines and see how the next generation of cards perform with ray tracing and how much adoption happens. Right now there is a huge performance hit and adoption is going to be very slim along with Nividas exorbitantly high prices this is a wait and see how it mutres situation.

Same here. It is a really good looking game. I didn't like the gameplay all that much though.
yeah, I'm with you. My plans to upgrade are on indefinite hold. I'm not interested in paying extra for RTX since their is nothing I need to play that uses it. I may go AMD depending on what they have come out next. So far the Nvidia launch is a big disappointment to me. I was hoping for better graphics performance for around what I paid for my last GPU. Not hundreds and hundreds more for a slight improvement and tech that nothing uses, and I don't really feel a need for.



I never understood why game companies put out a day 1 patch so you have to wait before you can play on day 1. My 4Mbps down takes days to download anyways so what's a little more really but it's the principal darn it.

well greed is one of the ugliest side of humanity ;)
The funny thing is lots of people bought all the hype and got so stoked that they bought cards that have 20-50% higher msrp than the cards they replaced while being only marginally better with a key feature that they couldn't use for months.
gotta love human ignorance