Question Hero viii unusual activity !!!!

Apr 15, 2021
Hello, I have this :

Asus Maximus hero viii socket 1151
Hp stuck motherboard socket 1151

i3 6100
i7 6700k

Please let me explain how out of the ordinary this problem can be, I have never seen such problem in 15 years of pc building..

The Hp stuck motherboard 1151 reads both the i3 6100 and i7 6700k with no problem both processor's work perfectly.

Asus maximus viii hero 1151 only reads i3 6100 post and no problem shows up.

When you connect the i7 6700k it show red led (cpu_led)

What I try to solve it :
Remove all components allowing 1 stick of ran and test it on every slot.
Reset mem ok,
Reset cmos,
Remove bios battery for 24 h,
Change case ( I believed maybe it's a shortage somewhere)
Update bios to last version then I try 4 previous versions maybe maybe...

No matter what the outcome it's the same only reads the i3 6100.

It makes no sense both CPUs work perfectly on the stuck HP motherboard why not on the Asus hero viii,

Before any questions like is compatible both 6100 i3 and 6700k need cipset : z170 present on the Asus hero viii..

Question it's the 8 cpu pin connected:
Yes the 8 pin 12v is connected to the matherboard.
Corsair cx tested on 3 different builds works perfectly.

Thanks for reading I hope someone has a real solution.
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"It makes no sense both CPUs work perfectly on the stuck HP motherboard why not on the Asus hero viii...."


What is meant by "stuck" ? My first thought was that was a forever circling boot loop but that does not fit because of "work perfectly".

What am I not understanding?

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Are you able to get into BIOS?

If so , configure POST to be as verbose as possible. Hopefully some display will appear as the system boots and provide some clue regarding the problem.

Also - are you able to boot into Safe Mode?

Go to each motherboard's manufacturer's website. Look for the applicable User Guides/Manuals to double check the supported CPU's.

Very likely that the User Guide will refer you to the manufacturer's website for more current and up-to-date information via QVLs (Qualified Vendors List) for supported CPUs.

Check all versions - details matter.

Peruse manufacturer Forums and FAQs. Someone may have submitted a similar problem or asked related questions.
Apr 15, 2021
Hello thanks for replying.
One more time.
The Hp motherboard is a generic motherboard from a hp g3 600 pc and it boots perfectly with both i3 6100 cpu and the i7 6700k

The Asus maximus hero viii only boots i3 6100 to bios and all functions and not the i7 6700k with it the cpu_led is on.

Asus maximus viii hero has the z170 cipset design by intel for 6th generation CPU.

I'm not confused about what the matherboard can do..

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