Hesitant boot (gigabyte p965-ds3)


May 27, 2006

I'm in need of some advice..
As of late my computer's somewhat hesitant at times in it's booting procedure. Let me elaborate.. I was away for a couple of days so I turned the PSU off just as a safety precaution and after I got back home, switched it on and pressed the power button on my case.. nothing happened. Ok, my PSU is old, very low quality but strong enough to have been powering my system for past 3 years, so emmediately I thought the PSU had gone to a better place and it was time for a new one.. when suddenly the power button reacted and the computer booted.
Then after a week or so I bought a Zalman 9700 heatsink for my cpu, installed the thing, had some trouble turning on my system again, but in the end got about 12°C off my cpu temp, so I was stoked. Next thing was to overclock and see how Zalman performs, but see here, after some changes my ds3 won't boot anymore (where it should read "Memory 2xxxxxxx bytes OK" or similar it stopped at "Memor ").
After rebooting some 30 times it came to it's senses, returned to it's default BIOS settings and loaded vista, but now everytime I try to restart my system more or less same thing happens.
My question is, since it no longer makes sense to blame the PSU, can the BIOS get corrupted somehow?
I would like to sell this mobo so before I go trying to fix this by flashing the BIOS (which has it's own risks) I would like to hear your oppinions on this issue, could it be something else? I don't have any spare hardware (PSU, mobo etc.) to make any tests...
The new thing, that wasn't here before all this, is that after switching the PSU on the mobo needs about a minute or so to turn on it's juices, which I don't see as normal...

I appreciate your input and thank you all in advance!