Question HEVC videos are unwatchable

Mar 25, 2019
Hi all thanks for any ideas in advance, I have the iPhone XS and im wanting to start moving out of just photos and playing with video, so naturally I want to use the best quality 4K 60fps, but when I import it to my PC its fuzzy, it lags it tares just looks bad. I think its to do with high efficiency mode making everything record in HEVC. I should add I can import and watch all other shooting modes aside from slomo 1080 240fps which also happens to be HEVC.

I have an i5 6500 and an r9 280x, i was prompted by windows to buy a HECV codec for 80 pence but its made absolutely no difference I cant watch or edit any footage I take, it look pristine on my phone so I dont think theres any issues there. Am I in need of an upgrade or have i set something up wrong?

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
I do not believe there is HEVC hardware decoding available in the i5 6500 or r9280x, whereas your phone does have it.

A lightweight 3rd party video app may help for CPU decoding of the video stream, though you will probably lose any HDR information. My recommendation for that would be MPC-HC:

Additionally, you can find a number of test 4k and HDR test material here: