Hexa-core "TurboBoost" > Quad -Core "TurboBoost"?


Feb 9, 2010
Just made a repost of a my question with a wrong title.. ;) So here it is, getting news that AMD Thuban Hexa-core Chip to be released this May will be getting a "TurboBoost"-like feature, . This is great news. Having read this link about Intel's TurboBoost Technology:


and a demo of TurboBoost:


active cores get a speed boost when others are inactive or the chip is performing under the power, temperature, and current limits. And on the white paper, I've read that there is respective speed increase on cores, and generally, less cores active means more speed boost to the active core/s.

With Thuban core speed only @ stock 2.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz, and 2.8 GHz, this "TurboBoost"-like feature would compensate that if it would be true that less cores active, more speed boost to that core/s especially when running single or maybe 2or 3 core threaded applications. I'm building a rig for multitasking running multi-threaded programs (Auto-cad, Adobe), good gaming and photo editing with a budget of $200 or so for procie.. I have Intel i5 750 in mind before due to good reviews against AMD Phenom II x4 965, but also giving thoughts for Thuban and Phenom II x4 960T if this feature is installed on both AMD Procies in their release with a little stretch on the budget..

Hope you could leave some insights about this, guys.. I'm actually new to all this and this will be my first rig to build.

Good luck and more power Tom's Hardware!



No one knows this for sure, but personally I think the X4 would hit higher clocks under "turbo mode". My reasoning for this is that it should ship with higher stock clocks, and even at idle, 4 cores will consume less power/produce less heat than 6.

I also doubt you'll get a Phenom II X6 for $200, if it actually performs expect AMD to get every last penny it can for it. Until the I5 came out, AMD still charged over $200 for the X4 965.