Question Hey i have a decent sized pc problem which i suspect has something to do with windows 10

Sep 3, 2019
So my computer keeps sort of freezing up randomly but it seems to happen more whilst playing games like Overwatch Apex legends or sadly Minecraft. By "freezing up" i mean that the game freezes as well as all other applications however i can still hear things like my friends speaking in discord and game music if i have it on. I can also move the windows around and the icons at the task bar at the bottom of the screen but they get stuck in place instead of pinging back.
i have tried updating all of my drivers and running security checks as well as making sure all of my hardware is plugged in fully but that uses up most of my technological know-how so I am a bit stuck. i was just wondering if any of you had any advice or previous troubles with problems like this.
Specs: ROG strix b-450 f
ROG strix GTX 1060
16gb vengeance lpx RAM
Ryzen 7 2700 not the x
EVGA 750 Gold PSU