Question Hey, I have a question I want to buy this PC bc I don't have lots of money so is it good or do you have some Pcs that are good but aren't expensive?


  1. Xilence Performance C Power supply is questionable, Xilence does make a few decent supplies but this by far isn't one of them.
  2. Slow Value RAM 2666mhz is a huge drawback for Ryzen especially a 3rd gen that supports speeds well over 3200mhz.
  3. It uses a low-end SSD over a M.2 and a small one at that with no additional storage. 256GB fills very fast.
  4. A320 motherboard limits the potential performance
As far as Prebuilt this is to be expected, they have to cut corners somewhere but what your getting is pretty handicapped to start with. To be honest you should save and aim for around €550 that is about where Prebuilts start to become less restrictive. I can't recommend anything without knowing your region.