Question Hey whats up - power adaptor question, jump in


Feb 6, 2018

I have a power bank, which has multiple plugs to use for multiple laptops.
I also have universal laptop adaptor, which has multiple plugs.

One power bank has adaptor's which are limited, the other has like 30 adaptors.

I'd like to make the power bank adapt to the power cord which supplies the 30 something adaptors.

Dont know how to word this or whatever, but the power bank has plugs which are one size (the same look) and the second one has (10 something adaptors) but both look about the same.

So they are different measurements, though they look the same, they are like 1mm different to the others. Is there anything I can do to fix this, I would like to just buy one simple adaptor that translates the other stuff from the other adaptor into my new plug.

Measuring the plugs is a tiny difficult, because some plugs can be measured inside and outside, but on the inside the have a pin which is difficult for me to measure. I know it sounds funny being "Difficult" but the fact that sometimes I really need these extra plugs, and I don't have a tiny set of calipers - and also no method to find the correct plugs etc.

Let me know
You could jam a piece of putty or blu-tack into the jack and remove it, then the pin should have made an easily measurable hole.

Barrel adapters come in many sizes and are easily ordered online in bulk, so I can understand not wanting to order a bunch of the wrong size. You actually have to measure them with some precision--within 0.2mm