Hi all, Need help with "The Plan"

Plug 4

Jul 22, 2011
Hey all new to the forum. I have an idea in my head.

My level of geek would be moderate low.

I know enough to be dangerous. I am still currently educating myself and this is one of those processes. Essentially I am building a computer. From the ground up. I am doing this both as a learning experience and to fulfill this need. It was my hope to discuss the process here and get needed advice, knowledge and opinions. I would have preferred to post this in Technology but as for the post min i figured i would start here, see what response i get then go from there.

So the idea.

I have a nice TV. I have a decent desktop, but no way to watch on the videos on the computer on the TV. Now I understand I only need a video card with the correct output for 80 bucks that is serviceable and will do so. However, I would like to get to the point of having the computer with the below capabilities. I have a laptop FYI all so this box really needs to have the following capabilities, but don’t need anything else. Sacrifice things in order to get the best at the best price.

I essentially want to be able to have a box that outputs to the TV easily with a HEALTHY amount of storage space. Anything I want to watch is online (legally ABC NBC website). So needs to be able to handle and perform on those websites as well as access storage to play digital copies (once again legal) but of all types. AVI a must and the like. Also HD HD HD

Figured best place to start is the brain IE the motherboard. When researching and shopping, what is important need in the motherboard chip set?

I figured the best place to start is the motherboard and CPU as it is the brain.