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Jan 16, 2001
Hello, guys. I need help. I've built an arcade machine around a computer. the monitor I'm using for it has a YpBpR input, and I would love to use that (as opposed to the s-video input I'm using now). It's running a 9600XT, and I've read about a convertor, but nothing's clear to me yet. Help, please.

Hal McCombs
Jasper, Al
Here's the porduct from ATI;

<A HREF="http://buy.ati.com/shopati/product.asp?category=AA&part_no=HDTV+DVI-I+US&find_category=AA&find_description=Accessories&find_part_desc=&country=USA" target="_new">http://buy.ati.com/shopati/product.asp?category=AA&part_no=HDTV+DVI-I+US&find_category=AA&find_description=Accessories&find_part_desc=&country=USA</A>

It connects to the DVI (white) connector on the R9600, and then you connect your TV's component cables to the other end.

Ooops, you're from Alberta (Calgary here), here's the Canadian link (can't believe it's $20 more [49,99 is $36US] should be $39.99CAD);

<A HREF="http://" target="_new">http://buy.ati.com/shopati/product.asp?category=AA&part%5Fno=HDTV+DVI%2DI+CDN&find%5Fcategory=AA&find%5Fdescription=Accessories&find%5Fpart%5Fdesc=&country=CAN</A>

BTW, watching the Flames today? :cool: Good day to stay in with the snow and all.

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I'd probably adapt the box to hold an old computer monitor.

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