Question Hi everyone, my question is: The Lenovo Rev v0.3 motherboard: Intel Core 2 Duo. Supports one of these processors (Xeon 5460, Xeon 5440, Xeon 5450) or

Dec 25, 2019
Matherboard Lenovo Rev: V0.3 chipset: intel I945G. Bios lenovo version: 2TKT53AUS 10/25/2007. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500@2,20GHZ. Socket 775 LGA. Service port number(FRU): 43C6305. Thanks a lot
The lga771 Xeon cpu can fit with some of lga775 MB with an adapter.
That is true, but not all system bioses supports the processor. I know Dell support is pretty good, but not sure about Lenovo.

Besides, the reasons for putting in a lga771 in a 775 socket have almost disappeared as prices for the same performance as a 771 in a 775 form-factor have dropped to the point where they're both the same for all but a few cases like maybe the x5460.