Hi,I'm having problems with my new graphics card, an EVGA GTX970 SC.My rig is made up of an Intel 4790K 4ghz processor


Dec 3, 2015

I'm having problems with my new graphics card, an EVGA GTX970 SC.

My rig is made up of an Intel 4790K 4ghz processor, a fairly standard 2 TB hard drive and a 500W Coolermaster PSU. The case is a Coolermaster Cosmos with 4 fans. All drivers are up to date including Nvidia Geforce Experience.

The first problem was with installing it. My old graphics card was a GTX260 run through a HDMI cable. Upon installing the new card the HDMI feed no longer works, I get no signal at all from boot up. It does however work on DVI to VGA cable via adapter. I returned the card for a new card identical to the first but still have the same problem. The cable and monitor are fine as putting the old card back in solves it and it works through HDMI.

So I'm running through the DVI to VGA cable which isn't the end of the world but when gaming I'm now getting horizontal white lines flickering across the screen. It's not screen tearing but looks a bit like interference of some kind. It happens on all graphics settings on all games. My monitor and display run at 60hz. The in game settings are also 60hz and neither allow me to change this. Vsynch is switched on too.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks



Dec 26, 2012
500W should be okay for your rig mate, the thing I'd try is check your CPU and GPU temperatures and load. If your CPU runs too hot it might cause different issues and if your GPU voltage seems out of the ordinary, then it could be the connectors/PSU


Feb 3, 2013
Try removing the drivers and clicking fresh install when you try to reinstall them. If you still don't get video through hdmi try with both cards installed. When I got my 750ti for my htpc the drivers for it were different from my gt 240 so I had to go to the Nvidia site to get the newer ones. You may have similar issues since we both went from 200 series to Maxwell. You may also have to go to Nvidia control panel and read around and look for the page that shows what video ports are connected (while your hdmi is connected) I had to do that on my ws computer once because a dp port actually died. Good luck.

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