Question Hi, my pc wont boot properly, only the fans start to spin and the hard-drive makes a noise but after this happens for a few seconds the pc reboots

Apr 8, 2020
So as I said my PC wont boot to windows or even the BIOS and instead turns on and then off again a few seconds later only to repeat this process over and over. The PC worked perfectly fine for 2 weeks, running graphically demanding games smoothly without any issues, but then I went to download overwatch, which obviously shouldn't seem like a particularly hard thing to do, but for some reason my PC crashed 4-5 times trying to do this and eventually got to the point of turning on and off again as I mentioned earlier. This was my first built so I was unaware that you needed to click the CPU cooler into place after twisting the four knobs on the corners (Intel CPU) so of course, it fell off. The fans still spin after I reinstalled it correctly but the problem persists. I really hope it's not that the CPU is completely dead but suspect that's at least a part of the problem. I've tried re seating the CPU, GPU, RAM and the hardrive and SSD but it's still doing the same thing. Initially it would only power on for about a second before restarting but randomly started to stay on for longer. Some people online in older threads have suggested it may be to do with the power supply also but then again their CPU coolers didn't fall off.

If anyone thinks they could help I would greatly appreciate it, thanks