Question Hid Compliant Touchscreen Missing From Device Manager

Nov 5, 2019
I have a HP laptop with a touchscreen which has been working fine until a few days ago when I attempted to update some drivers. Now, the touchscreen does not work and the devise is not showing up in Device Manager. Below are all the fixes I have tried.

  1. Several restarts both hard and soft
  2. A complete Windows reset, which wiped all my apps but not personal files
  3. A complete update of all HP drivers
  4. Tested touchscreen in BIOS. It works perfectly there and completes the touchscreen test
  5. Several attempts of "Scan for hardware changes" in Device Manager. No joy.
I have searched online in vain for a fix. It seems like the right driver is not installed, and Windows isn't recognizing that I even have a touchscreen (which I most assuredly do), but since I have updated ALL of the HP drivers I don't know where else to look, and HP support has been zero help. They just recommend what I have already done. This laptop is OUT of warranty.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!