Question Hiding wireless password ?

Aug 26, 2022

I own a Technicolor T788v v3 Router

I noticed that when I connect to this router via a cell phone, in this device I can see the routers password. It's visible to a person using the cell when i select SHARE in this cell.
I want it to be invisible to every user connected.
So I assume it is only the wifi password and not the admin password that would be really stupid.

This router is very strange it has "guest" access to the router itself. The manual for this router is huge and I did not see much about what this guest feature actually does. It is strange it would reveal the wifi password because you might for example have a device connected via ethernet.
Any device connected via wifi would of course have to know the password to connect in the first place. In your case I assume you have connected another device that is using the phone basically as a modem.

Not sure if the guest admin feature is "too" smart it might somehow block devices on ethernet from seeing the password but allow wifi devices to see it because they already know it. The router may not account for people using the wifi as some kind of wifi nic card for another device.

So what I couldn't find without actually reading that massive manual is can you disable this guest admin function. That would be your best option. If not I would be shopping for a different router. That function in general is very scary. It is more something like a ISP would use when they owned the router/modem but needed the customer to be able to see or maybe change some stuff.