Question High CPU and RAM usage - Urgent before Black Friday


Jan 9, 2018
Please note that this is quite urgent, as Black Friday is right around the corner, so I'd prefer to purchase replacement hardware at the discounted rate if need be.
My computer is five years old now.
For a couple of months now I have been having issues with high CPU and RAM usage (100% CPU and reaching 22GB of RAM by the browser alone) when on non-CPU intensive tasks, such as browsing the web (changed browsers a couple of times, now with Opera GX), and gaming non CPU intensive games, such as Overwatch 2, Detroit: Become Human, Far Cry 5 and Astroneer (while keeping the browser in the background). Keep in mind that I do open a lot of tabs (in the hundreds, as mentioned later), however, I have always been using a lot of tabs and this problem is relatively new.
When I tried to resolve this issue by closing some tabs (went from 420 in total to 220 in total) and RAM usage continued to act suspiciously. Before closing, I was at 19GB of RAM used, and after closing it remained the same for a few minutes and then dropped to 14GB. When I killed the process and reopened the tabs, the usage fluctuated between 4GB to 6GB. Usually, when killing the process and reopening the browser, the usage returns to the former very quickly.
I have reinstalled windows but the problem persisted. I have used Intel's diagnostic tool for the CPU and found nothing.
The specs are as follows:
i7 7700k
32GB DDR4 3000MHz
GTX 1080ti
500GB Samsung 960 Evo used as the boot drive
Another 6TB hard drive space
Thanks in advance.


The absolutely bizarre misuse of a browser seems to be the obvious problem here. If you use a flamethrower to light candles, you could hardly be surprised when the birthday cake is ruined.

If you're not going to rethink your usage to something more practical, all you can do is keep buying more and more birthday cakes (more RAM). Black Friday sales are unlikely to be relevant; you're going to ideally need a new 4x16 or 2x32 GB kit for compatibility or a 2x16 GB kit if you want to roll the dice, but these configurations (especially the first two ) aren't as heavily manufactured and are less likely to see a cut on Black Friday, which is less about awesome deals and more about selling overstocked merchandise by claiming awesome deals.
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