Question High CPU Frequency while idling but Low CPU Frequency when I start a game

Sep 4, 2020
My laptop which has an i7-8550u CPU paired with a GTX 1050(Mobile) 4Vram and 8GB DDR4 RAM, is struggling in specific cpu intensive games for e.g Minecraft, Alto's, etc. When I check the task manager and MSI Afterburner Rivatuner, it shows that my CPU (Which has a base frequency of 1.8 GHZ) is running on 1.6 GHZ when I run a game. The weird thing is, that it turbo boosts when its on idle to 4 GHZ but the moment I start a game like Minecraft for e.g it instantly goes back to 1.6 GHZ, making performance in some games pretty much unplayable. I've checked the temps, and they don't seem to be an issue as they are running between 63 - 65 C° which is nowhere near thermal throttling. In power settings its set to High Performance, and my adapter is hooked up to a wall. On MSI Afterburner under LIM1: there are no warnings regarding power throttling, so what could it be? I've tried a lot of solutions from reinstalling Windows, to changing power modes, updating BIOS, checking BIOS, which btw has no setting stating Intel steepstep nor turbo boost. I have no idea why is it doing that, but its very annoying, as in games that are CPU intensive, Minecraft for e.g runs at about 30 FPS on lowest ever settings, which is horrible.