Question High CPU temp during gaming no matter power options

Dec 25, 2019
I have an i7-9700F and whenever I play games I get such high cpu temps for no reason.
Idle temp: 45 - 50 Degrees
During gaming (All low settings 120FPS capped): 60-75 degrees.
No matter if I play with vsync on still the same.
Anyone know what I can change in like power options or something so the temp gets decreased. BTW most of the time I turn down the processor rate it still won't go down.


Nov 23, 2013
remove the side panel from the case and try gaming with it off...if the temps improve you likely need to clean your case filters/fans...if temps stay the same you need to clean the heat sink fan for the cpu.

as far as power options you can try the Win10 balanced or power saver plan options under Settings/System/Power or use the slider and select "best energy savings" but it may impact system performance.
Ok so what is your pc set up, parts motherboard, memory etc.. Cpu temps rising can be caused by a few things, case not being cooled enough. Are case fans clean and running well? What kind of cooling do you have on cpu.? Are you controlling the fan speed, if so what setting? Is it warm in the room that the pc is in? Is the cooling fan clean? High performance setting in windows will cause increase in cpu because the cpu is always running at full speed at that setting. Is the cpu overclocked at all?
Also you can go in to bios and under boot menu, reset to original/optimal settings and restart pc. See if that helps with the temps at all. All in all 65-75c is not overheating temperatures. But ideally you would want to keep it around 70c or lower.