Question High CPU temp with Kraken M22

Nov 2, 2021
I struggle with very high CPU temperatures with my NZXT Kraken M22. I have a i5-10400, and after running a blend test with Prime95 i get a max of 90 degrees. When playing games like CSGO i also top the 85-90 degree range.

I've mounted the cooler correctly, by strictly following the manual. I tried re-applying thermal paste several times. I've tried pull vs push vs pull/push fan configurations for the radiator. I use a program for fan curves, and even when i set fan speed to 100% and AIO pump speed to 100% i still get the results mentioned before. I placed my radiator as exhaust in the back of the PC, with the water tubes coming out of the bottom of the radiator. My idle temperatures seems to be fine, lying in the 35-45 degree range. However im afraid of the load temps. I've tried mounting my stock cooler instead of the M22, and this gave me better cooler performance with a max temp under 100% load of 70 degrees. This shouldn't clearly be the case? Any ideas? Dead cooler?