Question High CPU temperatures in everything ?


Jan 24, 2015
Hello guys, I made a new system build.
The specs are these:
-CPU intel i7 13700kf
-GPU Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC LHR
-Motherboard Gigabyte B660 Gaming AX
-PSU Seasonic G12 GM 750W 80+ Gold
-Ram Corsair Vengeancee PRO 3200 mhz CL 16
-Cooler NZXT Kraken X73
-Storage, 1 TB Kingston, 1TB Samsung SSDs M2
-The case is a mid tower with three fans in front of 140mm intake, one 140mm in the back exhaust, two120mm down intake, and the water cooling on the top exhaust, the 360 nzxt

So now the problem is that the CPU is running hot in everything, in prime 95 on small it goes to 85-90 celsius. In games, for example BF 2042 is around 80 celsius, GTA V goes to mid 70's. I don't know what else can I do.. It might be the motherboard as it was designed for 12 th gen and Bios updated for 13th gen? The CPU is not OC-ed as the motherboard won't let it, the GPU the same.. It is really stressing me out.