Question High CPU Temps

Mar 24, 2021
I recently just built a new system. It has a ryzen 7 3700X and I’m currently using the stock cooler and my temps are extremely high. The highest i’ve seen over two days is 94°C which i know is really bad, i’ve reapplied the thermal paste. I think it’s a cooler issue but i’m not sure.
Mar 24, 2021
Stock cooler sucks that's why 4th gen don't come with them anymore, since most people just trash it right away.
Depend on your usage if you keep it on high load then 94 with stock cooler might be normal, if it reaches 90+ on idle then you need to check if the cooler is installed correctly, also look at the fan speed see if it was set to fixed.


Actually there's nothing wrong at all with the Wraith Prism cooler...if you're hitting 94c you likely have a case airflow issue.

The Wraith Prism should be able, in a case with proper airflow, to keep the 3700x in the 70s unless you're hammering it with a CPU stress test or doing long duration all core work.

There is a switch on the cooler for Hi/Low speed...and you may want to also verify you don't have the CPU header set to Silent in your motherboard BIOS.
If you look at threads or website talking about the 3700X and stock cooler your temperature is not far from them.

Stress testing a system with a stock cooler will never be good. 85-90C is not rare while stress testing a system using a stock cooler.

And will not see 75C while doing a stress test using the 3700X stock cooler. It will sound like a jet engine and you will see temperature over 80C.

Room temperature, fan setup is important too. A 30C room temp isn't gonna help.