Jun 15, 2021
So I have a Corsair h115 AIO and my cpu is 100 degrees Celsius on idle… this just started happening a few days ago. Games and even chrome started crashing and being very slow. Is it safe to use or do I need to buy an air cooler?
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You need to determine if the H115i is in fact operational. 100C at idle is definitely too hot so don't use it till fixed.
Do you hear a slight hum from the pump and that the Fans are operational.?

The H115i is a capable 280mm AIO and good for Overclocking. Changing to AIR will not get you better Thermals.

Check your core voltage in Bios.
Is the system still at stock frequency.?

Describe how you installed the unit and what thermal paste was used.

List the rest of your system specs?
Jun 15, 2021
I can’t tell if the pump is operational because after I bought the AIO the USB headder was broken and it won’t detect the AIO in ICUE. The fans are working but they are on high all the time and I can’t adjust them because it’s not showing up in ICUE.

I have an extra air cooler I could apply temporarily but idk if I should.

the cpu has been overclocked once but it’s still at stock frequency.

I used the stock thermal paste bc I didn’t have any on hand…

Case: 760t
Cpu: i7 7700k
Gpu: 1070 TI
mobo: gigabyte z270-hd3
Psu: rm750x
Without a proper USB connection the iCUE app won't work. Try another internal usb port. iCUE will show the pump rpm or within Bios in your fan curve profile.
The fans should work 100% all the time and not meant to be adjusted.

You have to determine if the AIO pump works either by RMA or testing outside of your case. In either case your should remove the unit and test the system with the AIR cooler you have. At the same time inspect the CPU socket for bent pins. Apply new TIM and careful when tightening down the hold down bracket screws only to finger tight from corner to corner.

I think your pushing it trying to SLI your 1070Ti GPUs with the RM 750X. Very little headroom left for expansion or Overclocking.
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