Question High cpu usage in just one core

Mar 27, 2020
Hey, since I got my pc (1 year ago) I have not been amazed by the performance of it and I have always wondered why, I could not record in good quality, stream or even play some games at the desired level of graphics... A friend of mine with a i5 8300 and a 1050ti with 8gb ram had a lot more fps than me, he could record at 180fps and it would not have stutters at all and mine could not even record at 60fps. Yesterday I got arma 3 installed and to my surprise my pc was having an awful performance, 30 fps in the lowest settings. I was really intrigued on why, got msi afterburned installed and opened it, and to my surprise my cpu12 was at max load all time and the others were just chilling at 20% (ryzen 5 2600). I never overclocked my cpu, just unparked it and i have a rx580, 8gb ddr4 2400mhz, 650w psu, 240gb ssd, 1tb hdd and a b450m pro-m2. Does anyone know how to solve this prolem?
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