Question High CPU usage on task manager startup


May 6, 2016
I've recently noticed that when I open task manager the initial CPU usage is upwards of 80% and even 100% at times then it quickly shoots down to the normal level of around >10% when idle. This got me a little suspicious as I've never noticed it doing this before and found out this is typical behaviour for a bitcoinminer. I've looked around the internet for solutions and apart from reinstalling windows I've done everything (malwarebytes/rootkitscan, antivirus scan, cmd restorehealth commands etc) and nothing has seemed to work. I've tried to screenshot as much as possible in the task manager which I will include. Just before I post this I noticed that along with the high cpu usage when I open task manager I actually just saw that task manager's power usage also shoots up to very high or moderate then falls with the cpu usage which is making me wonder if it's a bitcoinminer at all. Anyway any solutions are welcome.

Pic of cpu usage high when I start task manager: Task Manager on startup

Edit: I have also ran HWMonitor and it is showing my cpu usage is at normal levels when task manager isn't open, not sure if it is a miner that can detect HWMonitor too or task manager is at fault here.

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The first 1-3 minutes of post-bootup activity are often busy with AV scans, starting/syncing of assorted cloud storage accounts, and Windows updates. (THis takes longer with a laptop spinning drive, of course, vs. when using an SSD...