Question High CPU usage when running Mobile Games Emulator ?


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I've recently taken to a well known mobile games emulator for Windows (Bluestacks 5) instead of using my tablet. My PC spec is:
i7 8750H (4.1ghz boost clock, 2.2ghz base clock)
16GB (2x8GB RAM)
RTX 2070MQ
From my experience even when under load the CPU goes at around 3ghz - 3.6ghz on PC based games (games made for PCs instead of mobile devices) however for Bluestacks to run I had to enable the Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform (in turn Windows Features On or Off). Whilst it did still work it did seem to push my CPU to average around 2.8ghz - 3.4ghz on games instead with these tasks taking up most of my CPU usage:
WMI Provider Host
Service Host Program Compatability Service
and the cooling fan exhausts were blowing out hotter air than normal. However HWinfo indicated my CPU temps were actually lower than when I normally ran PC games apart from on Core 2 out of the 0/5 cores... (for some reason HWinfo records my CPU cores from 0 to 5 instead of 1 to 6). CPU 2 showed it was running at 100 degrees whilst the rest of the cores all were around 75 - 80 degrees and my GPU was running at around 55 - 60 degrees. My frames however on mobile games were fine and really smooth as when I allocated max settings to HWinfo (4 out of 6 cores, 4GB RAM allowance, 120Fps cap (dedicated GPU not my iGPU and was easily keeping the frames at 120fps), OpenGL Rendering (though DirectX was an available option) and ASTC rendering (not sure what this is but set to software decoding although hardware decoding was an option
Should this High CPU be expected and is it fine for my CPU to run like this?
(currently have set the CPU cores allowed for Bluestacks to Medium which is 2 out of 6 cores and am still getting 80% CPU usage average)