Dec 3, 2005
hey everyone, new to the forum. Got some quick questions for those of experience and knowlege:
looking to upgrade everything i got to=
-WD Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM
-60GB Hard Drive
-GeForce 7800GTX
-AMD X2 4200+ Manchester
-OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB)
-FSP Group AX450-PN ATX12V

Now, with all this, i know it will generate some heat in a smaller case. was looking at the Lian Li PC-V880A ATX desktop case and it has caught my attention. I know HTPC are used for Home Theatres, but I'm just using it as an ATX case. I'm just worried about heat/cooling/air circulation/sound/psu size:

A.)Will my upgrades fit the criteria the case has to offer?
B.)Will the components heat up too much to cause a potential risk?

C.) If not, what's a case that:
1.) has the look of the Apple G5 (i.e. Lian Li PC-V1000,but not that big, but with identical, if not better features):
2.) thats not too big [i'm not an overclocker btw]
3.) has some good components (good airflow, silent, mobo tray(?),aluminum, similar to that of Lian-Li's well known good features)
4.) no need for the side windows, just an enclosed case with some beneficial features. no crazy lighting or anything of the sort...
5.) something i can maneuver easily (dorm-room)
6.) nothing that's not too heavy.
7.) silver or black [stylish]

The reason i like the Lian-Li V880A, is because it looks good, its not very big, and it has good features (high rated,essential, effective).

a.) I've heard SFF are crap for cooling/airflow, room for upgrades, and generate a lot of heat, unless there's one otherwise...
If theres a SFF case, which would have enough room for upgrades, have good features, and have good ventilation/cooling?

ps: I'm basically upgrading for
--some gaming/not a lot ( but including demanding games: BF2, FarCry)
--recording/editing/mixing/listening to music
--photo creation/editing
--web design

thanks in advance, i appreciate the help, take care everyone. 8)

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You know why no one has replied to this thread? Because you're asking questions no one has the answers to!

Keep it simple. And try googling it.




Dec 3, 2005
ya, maybe so. i've been googling/researching computer sh*t for the last 3 years. I just decided to sign up for this forum for even more support, maybe being able to narrow it down more than going on googles 1,000+ website results...

1.) Do HTPC cases have enough features/room/cooling,etc for my setup? (ie. Lian-Li PC-V880A)

here's the look of the cases i'm interested in:
c.)http://www.lian-li.com/Product/Chassis/M_V_C_PC-V1000.htm= great, but i don't want a case that big...

a.) worried about my upgades
b.) my goal, would be nice to have a case with similar looks
c.) awesome, but too big
d.) i really like the look (silver-black 2 tone), worried about its features/etc...
NICE...just got a Sonata II for my older rig. Wanted a low noise, low-cost upgrade for some more OCing on my old Palomino 1500+. The 10A on my current 12V rail squeals like a pig if I taker her past 1600+ speeds....:mad:


Dec 7, 2005
Gum get sum light n MORE colour full light fan... For the case.. it realy kick the Look.. well i Mod my case like no one els on earth well i have a A case with doubble C trought Windows on both side n lot of fans n Light which look special n cool..
Chat 2 me ask me a Pic for how my case look like...!


Dec 3, 2005
i was considering the PC-60Plus, im just skeptical about it cuz it almost looks too plain looking (i kinda like silver-black 2 tones, or the V1000 aluminum casing with the holes on the outside, the PC-60 just looks like a piece of aluminum (know what i mean?)

Antec P-150 case just came out, it looks decent
i just:
-don't know about my setup and the PSU/cooling it comes with...
-would i need to swap fans/PSU?

im picky but i want my money'$ worth. thanks for the suggestions, hopefully someone will bring one to my attention or i find one. -peace


Dec 3, 2005

In terms of the Antec Sonata 2, it comes with the 1x120mm for the rear, but you can buy one for the front correct? (is there a 120mm slot in front?) Also, im upgrading to:
- Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra
- AMD X2 4200+
- OCZ EL Plat. Rev.2 1GB (2x512MB)
- GeForce 6800GS

1.) will my upgrades fit?
2.) is the PSU adequate for my setup?
3.) how loud is it (maybe including the upgrades)?
4.) is there enough room for future-upgrading?

thanks in advance, lemme know ASAP. take care -peace


The PC-60Plus looks better in real life than on the web site and pics. But there are better cases out there for the money, but that one is not one to dissapoint nonetheless. Has a 5 drive removable hidden drive bay, removable mobo tray, front USB, sound, and FireWire connectors. Great cooling features is its selling point, and in that it excells. It is well made, but could be improved.
But I have it, and it is made well, but is still below the quality and finish of the SuperFlower 201T, which is the best case I have ever used/seen.


Dec 3, 2005
that's the thing though, i havent seen the black or silver PC-60Plus in real-life, no store has it (BestBuy, CompUSA, Fry's)... I'd rather see it first than buy it and regret it cuz of the look. It does have a mobo tray and excellent cooling, i'm just worried about the look and the noise level it produces. Also, it's expensive and i would have to spend another $50 on the FSP 450W PSU.
Things i like about Antec Sonata II:
- the look
- the reviews
- 2x120mm fans (front & rear: was told was best for non-overclocking)
- includes PSU 450W
- price

- worried about heat
- worried about noise
- worried about space
Good for Lian-Li PC-60Plus:
- mobo tray
- air circulation
- space
- reviews

- expensive
- no PSU
- worried about noise levels
- the look
- only front 1x120mm/ no rear exhaust, just 1x120mm blower

.. i dunno what to do...