Question High-end computer, bad frame rates in GTAV ?


Mar 28, 2019
My specs:

5950X using PBO
EVGA 3080FTW3 Ultra with the Precision X1 auto "overclock" curve
32GB of 3600MHz RAM
monitor is 3440x1440 @120Hz

I've seen a lot of threads on this but none of them have solved the issue for me, so here we are

when I'm playing GTA, i get frame rates in the 60s and 70s, but lots of momentary stutters. sort of like it freeze frames for a second which really screws me up when driving fast or whatever.
In the Nvidia performance overlay on idle it shows ~160fps and 105 or 140ish for the 99%fps. But when driving around downtown, it drops to 60-70ish fps and the 99% drops to like 20fps.
GPU utilization is about 50-60% and CPU is like 10-20%.
CPU temp is around 65C and GPU is around 60C
I've tried tons of different graphics settings combos and nothing seems to change it that much.
I was under the impression that on my computer i could expect a good amount better than this, but idk.

Any advice would be welcome,
Thanks in advance.
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Not sure if totally related, the game does have fps and sluggish behaviour with map and game menus if vsync isn't on at least half in NvidiaCP, either globally or gta5 specifically. My own experience with this is map and anywhere in menus was very sluggish but these symptoms didn't extend to game play though, just in menus but could be different for you if accessed map at any time. Reason for that was too many fps in menus and game engine couldn't cope so it chugged. Finding that out and vsync solved it.

If vsync doesn't help, maybe this csgo guide below, mucking around with affinity. Or try another Geforce driver. Check chipset drivers are latest and try disable fullscreen optimisation under compatibility for Gta5 and all other associated exes in Gta5 folder. View:
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