Question High end Motherboard recommendation for Win 7 x64 install

Ma olen oma

Nov 1, 2015
Given that Win 7 EOL is upon us, I'm looking to rebuild a few of my machines with quality high end components and install win 7 x64. The Asus ROG line has proven to be problem free and durable (as well as high-performing), so I've been looking at Asus ROG & TUF. There are plenty to choose from, but given the Win 7 x64 install, I'm thinking I may be limited. I've checked Asus's support site, and while many boards show support for win 7 x64, the latest offerings show limited 'drivers. In fact, some show only BIOS and a vendors list when selecting Win 7 x64 as the OS.

What high end board would y'all recommend, taking into account Win 7 x64 driver issues, etc?

Since I want to use win 7 for as long as possible, the price of the board isn't a factor. I'll spend what I have to.

Further, any comments on CPUs with whatever board as well. The i9-9900K looks good to me, unless there are caveats with win 7 or general problems. I understand the temps can get a bit high, but an after-market cooler should handle that.

Thanks for any help.
You wrote, "In fact, some show only BIOS and a vendors list when selecting Win 7 x64 as the OS. ".

That's because Windows 7 is not a supported operating system on a motherboard with a i9-9900K CPU. You can however in most instances use your Windows 7 license key on a Windows 10 install. I would recommend using the latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and making a bootable UEFI installation USB flash drive with Rufus.