Question High End PC Low Fps


Sep 27, 2015

Until couple days ago I've had around 120 fps on all high settings 1440p on Days Gone game. Then after couple hours I opened game now I have 70 fps medium to high settings, cs go also dropped, Dishonored 2 a 5 year old Pc Game is lagging on ultra 1440p.
Rx 6900 xt Tuf Edition 16gb
Ryzen 7 3700x 8core
B550 Asus Rog Strix Wifi
64gb DDR4 3600mhz Ram
2Tb Nvme SSD
I am pretty sure I should do 100 plus fps easily on these games.
All drivers are up to date Mother board is latest 2403
Gpu Driver I did last night.
I have checked thermal throttling , cpu temp are around 60 while gaming , gpu max 80celsius.
Please if you could help me. Only solution I haven't done is to reinstall windows.


Boi that's dire, 80c ain't the best but not bad either for gpu on load, so likely not a throttling, can you run a synthetic benchmark like 3dmark and see if your score is matching similar setups?

If drivers are up to date, perhaps a clean install could help, maybe something is borked and just updating won't do.

Plus, like, you were playing and without doing anything, a couple of hours later it decided to underperformed that bad? U sure you didn't do anything shady in between ?
Jun 22, 2021
You'd think something would have changed right? Like what do you see on your system that has been installed since the 120fps playthrough? Get yourself a date to work with. Then check your Programs in control panel. Check the Windows Update log thing. Check if you done any hardware swaps or setttings.

Things that come to mind are ASUS AI Suite running in the taskbar? Has it always ran in the taskbar? Anything new in the taskbar? Do you have Afterburner and AI Suite with different settings competing with one another? Sometimes the OC of Afterburner kicks in or sometimes AI Suite kicks in?

It almost sounds like someone maybe switched the BIOS on the graphics card from Performace to Quiet or something right?

But I would do something similar to what Rodrig said. Find 3DMark scores that have the same setup as yours. Then run that same benchmark and see what your own score is. As unlikely as it may be, things could have always been like this and maybe you've never noticed the actual state of things till just now. Not trying to shame you or anything, just something to keep in mind as a possibility. But if your 3DMark scores are similar, it would indicate there's nothing wrong or detrimental happening to your rig.

Anyway, good luck.