Question High End System high fps but it feels not smooth and stutters

Apr 7, 2019
Hi guys english is not my native language i hope i can explain my problem :)

My system is

RTX 2070 msi
Ryzen 2700x
X470 Gaming plus mobo
16 Gigs Ram 3200mhz Gskill
700w +80 bronz FSP
Benq xl2411P ( using displayport)
logitech g402 mouse
logitech g710+ keyboard
logitech g633 headset

So my problem is like in the titel i have high fps but its not smooth

i Tried like everything

High performance power mode in windows and NVIDIA
Pre-rendered frames set to 1
Reformat/fresh install windows 10
Re-seat Ram
Re-seat Video Card
Roll Back Drivers
Fresh install gpu drivers with DDU
Updated Bios
Re-seat CPU
Tried different monitor
Fixed all Registry errors using CCLEANER
tried different Displayport cable
checked temps gpu and cpu max 70c

When Vsync is off it doesnt matter if i have 150 200 or 300 fps it stutters always
when vysnc is on it stutter when my fps drops below 144hz like when it drops 10 or 5 fps it begins to stutter at 130 135 140fps its so annoying

if a buy a gsync monitor will this nightmare end ? it stutter in EVERYGAME league of legends, rainbow six siege, apex, fortnite and everysingle player game

how can i solve this, when watching in twtich, streamers i see they have lower specs but their game is smooth as silk


Oct 7, 2012
Have you double-checked your Display settings i.e. is the refresh rate also set to 144Hz? double check that because even if you update your GPU drivers, the display setting from Windows may still be at 60Hz. You have to set it to the same refresh rate of your monitor which in this case a 144Hz monitor.

By the way, we have the same monitor.