Question High FPS Microstutter?

Aug 9, 2018
I have an 8700k ,rtx 2080, 32 gb of ram 3200mhz(temps are good, generaly unde 60C under heavy load) I want to focus on overwatch but also get this in other games(same story down to 144fps-tested it just moments ago and it all checks so it isn t just overwatch). My sistem is capable of outputing 300fps+ for the most part, but when i try capping the fps at 240 the game feels horrible, like it is running at 100 fps(i just call this microstutter cause i don t know what elese to call it), this keeps going until i lower the cap all the way down to 144, when it kinda feels good again but has moments when it does not, the only fix i found is to cap my fps at 143, but that is not a good permanent solution.Also might be related : nomatter the fps cap, it alwats drops for a second or so to minus 10-7frames and it couses a stutter(fpr example even if i set my framecap at 60 it will still drop directly to 50 and cause a little stutter and then go to 59-60 again) This happends every 2 or 3 minutes. The things that i think might cause this are the mobo, cpu, or power supply, since i have changed my ram and gpu after this issue occured.
  • I have overclocked my cpu and it ran @1.25V 4.7GHz for abouth a few weeks, but when a new game came out and it was new, it often crashed due to my oc, so i got it running back on stock speed. Maybe the cpu was damaged during the oc process or the mobo, i honestly can t think of something else that might caise this other than the cpu mobo or psu. -
  • I also point at the psu cause it is kind of chep and the fan sound awful but i dont see high draws off of it on it(Evga BQ 750W bronze+), it might actually be failing or smthing cause the fan sound like a fucking pipe-cutting tool whenever cpu usage is > 40%.
The strangest part is that 300 fps feels good, it would make more sense if everything over 144 felt bad, idk.
PS: on further testing 144 and under take just more usage of the thing that causes this ,but during more intensive moments it s still there. I would say psu that is probably failing already or cpu-hope not cause it costed me almost 400$.
Also : on cpu z test the cpu at 100% draws only 88.9 wats and is bellow the avg score with like 14% less copared to the avg stock 8700k, this is pointing more and more at the psu. If anyone ever experineced this, it s just ine of the things that get under your skin and are there, they don t make the game unplayable ,but you knwo you paid good money for your hardware and you just want it to work the way it should. Ty <3, btw ty for everyone who still uses this forum and not reddit at alltimes xD
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What monitor is it? Wondering if it has Freesync or Gsync and Displayport.

Micro stutter over the monitor's refresh rate is normal effect as you won't see all the frames drawn, like missing frames.
I had to do the same thing for black ops IIII. I'm running a gtx 1080 ti on a 3440x1440p ultrawide and the fps was exceeding the refresh rate which was inturn disabling gsync. These high end systems can far exceed the refresh rate in FPS and if the game options aren't already doing it, sometimes the FPS limiter is the solution IMO.