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Mar 3, 2011
I recently moved to our new home and it has a couple of built-in 37" high desks which I want to use to set up my gaming and work rigs. I have been researching high chairs and appears that the only option is drafting chairs as they can go up to 30" and higher. So far I have it narrowed down to a Eurotech Apollo Drafting Stool but I was hoping to get some more feedback and recommendations before pulling the trigger. I am about 240 lb and I sit on this chair for 8-10 hours a day between work and gaming, so I need something super comfortable as I also have some back issues.
At your size, just make sure you check the manufacturer's weight rating on the product. Amazon is a good start though, as they will allow returns for any reason. They have quite a few chairs of that type as well.

Don't assume just because that chair has a cushion vs mesh seat that it's going to hold up better. Most seat cushions, especially thin ones, flatten out in a year or two, then it feels like you're sitting on a board.

Maybe take a look at this article if you want something that will hold up well. They do cost a bit more though.
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Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021
Remove the phrase 'Gaming chair' from your lexicon.

They are awful - make you super sore, bad for posture - get a good commercial grade Office Chair (eg rated for 8 hours plus for workplaces etc).

You can get gas lifts/struts that are much longer than usual. Can be hit and miss trying to install/uninstall sometimes though?
That's probably your best bet to jack up a standard office chair or Drafting chair.

Also - add thick pillows on the seat adds more than you'd think....

If really need to - can remove the metal tracks for the slide out computer keyboard/mouse tray and raise or lower it to suit.

Or - if the table has little metal feet tacked on the bottom - rip em off to lower it a little.

Could possible also get those taller rollerblade style wheels for chairs.... and maybe there are little extension poles for chair wheels to add even more height - or put on really tall casters for heavy duty work trolleys etc?