Question High GPU usage lags other applications


Apr 3, 2011
Sorry if this is the wrong section. I haven't used this site in a long long time.

On my old PC I could run multiple game clients of EVE Online simultaneously. I could have 3 or so open without any issue. Or I could be playing a fullscreen game like Diablo3, or Space Engineers and have Twitch open or VLC open and be watching a movie at the same time. No issues at all.

I've recently upgraded my OS to Win10 and a few components of my PC (listed below). Now I cannot do what I had been doing for years. If I have multiple EVE clients open, then the others will get massive FPS drops (which is bad because I need them smooth). Or if I'm playing a fullscreen game, Twitch or VLC will become unwatchable.

This only happens when my GPU hits 100% usage. It can be at 95%+ and everything be fine but the moment it hits 100% the lag and FPS drops kick in on the other apps. The main active window runs smooth the entire time, however. My CPU and RAM usage is at reasonable levels (40-60%). The moment I alt-tab out of my game, the GPU usage immediately drops and everything is smooth and normal.

My GFX drivers are up to date and Windows is is fully up to date. I've tried adjusting the Windows power settings.

Why is this happening and how can I get back to how it was on hardware much less capable than what I'm running now?

CPU: i7-9700k
GFX: GTX 970
OS: Win10