Question high idle/load temps (~50/~90)

Jan 24, 2021
So yeah, my temps are WAY too high imho, but here's my setup and what i've done:
Galahad 360
9 Lian Li unifans
I changed the fans on the radiator with the unifans and connected all 9 fans to the lian li controller and connect said controller to the cpu-fan header and wanted to set group 1(the radiator fans) to PWM and let the mobo deal with it.
Thing is, the bios does NOT detect the cpu fans at all, shows 0 rpm. The pump is at around ~3300 rpm and is fine.
I have it radiator top with 3 exhaust, and the rest 6 are intakes.
The gpu temps are fine.
Not sure what to do. I've ordered a new thermal paste from arctic and it's coming tomorrow and i plan on changing the on I used( the one that came with the AIO).
Not sure how to get the mobo to recognize the cpu fan header.
PS: my first build, so i probably messed up somewhere...but not sure where.
PPS: My mobo is a Z490 Godlike.
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