Question High idle temps but hardly any increase under load


Jan 11, 2018
After measuring my temps I decided to overclock today and it's gone pretty well. Only issue is I'm not sure what the hell is going on with my temps. Not necessarily a bad thing, just really abnormal from all that I've seen.

My temps before OC'ing were as such:
CPU Idle: 40-55 C
CPU Max under load: 68 C
GPU Idle: 40 C
GPU Max under load: 58 C

CPU is OC'd to 4.0 GHz at 1.4v
GPU is +13% voltage, 104% power limit, +137 core clock, +204 memory clock

Temps after OC'ing:
CPU Idle: 70-75 C average
CPU Max under load: 79
GPU Idle: 40 C
GPU Max under load 58 C

I'm so confused on this. If it matters, I also have four 120mm case fans. Had this PC for about three years now and I bought the cpu cooler just over one year ago, along with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste which I applied when I put the cooler on. My room tends to be on the warmer side. Are there any reasons for my temperatures being so weird? Any help is appreciated.

FYI, I know my GPU OC could be optimized. First time OCing so if there are any major changes I should make feel free to point them out.

CPU: FX-6300
Cooler: Arctic Freezer 13
Mobo: GA-970A-DS3P rev. 2.1
GPU: Gigabyte 1050 Ti 4GB
Dec 27, 2019
So i am not an expert on temperatures and over clocking but I do know a few things that can possibly help lower the temperatures. One thing you do need to know is when you overclock, you are adding more juice to the chips and its normal for them to get warmer. There are multiple ways to maintain that heat with a good cooler or cooling system.

  1. Clean out pc dust free and change termal paste on both cpu and gpu (I do it once a year and i do see small changes in temperatures)
  2. Make sure fan orientation has good airflow so you are not trapping heat inside the case. (dont want to cool your gpu with hot air)
  3. Make sure cables management is neat (sometimes having cables cluttered everywhere "may" effect air flow)
Other than that, what kind of cpu and gpu cooler are you using? If its stock, than that might be your problem.