Question High idle temps, decent workload temps (Ryzen 5800x)


Jan 7, 2015
A couple of days ago i build my new system. And it's been running great. One thing however baffles me.

My Ryzen 7 5800x are idling at a very high temp (45-55) according to Ryzen Master and HWInfo. Yet when i play games the temperature doesn't change that much at all.

Playing RDR2 at max settings in 2k. My temp rarely goes above 60 even after a 5 hour play session.
Cinebench pushes it to 85 degrees and it stays there for the 10 min i chose to run it for during multi core testing. And then almost instantly returns to 50-55.

I have not overclocked anything. I use the corsair H150i Pro XT Including 6 other fans configured like this.

Case: Lian Li o11 Dynamic

Case fans: Artic P12 PWM Pst
Top: exhaust through aio
Side:3x intake
Bottom:3x intake

I've tried re applying the thermal paste. Reseated the Aio, adjusting fan speed manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

45-55 Celsius = 113-131 Fahrenheit

60 = 140 F

85 = 180 F

Vic 40

Maybe bios settings, like for fans. Could probably change that.

Maybe try different fan orientations. Like AIO on the back/side of motherboard tray as intake.

Since load is fine not really something to worry about.

Can check cpu voltages as well, see how they are in idle, maybe adjust that.