Question High Latency Jitter on Games


Mar 29, 2022
(More Notably on Rocket League) I join a match with around 40 - 80 ping however occasionally my ping will spike up to 100 - 300 ping for a few seconds which can be incredibly annoying.
My setup is a 5G hub (5G sim card in a router box) which according to my provider is rated at around 146mb/s. I have it connected to a Netgear G305E by a CAT8 cable from the Netgear Hub my Gaming Laptop which is usually Idle Connected with a CAT6E cable and my desktop which I use connected by another CAT8 cable.
The ethernet card on my mobo is listed as Realtek Gaming 2.5GBe Family Controller and it can also use WiFi 6E (which I have not tried yet).
All your fancy cables and ports mean nothing when you have a wireless connection in the path. It doesn't matter if it is 146mb games only need maybe 1mbps. Since the radio bandwidth is shared by many users and is also subject to interference you are always going to get jitter. There is no real solution to this. No application other than games is affected so the providers don't care. Pretty much why it is said you should never play games on any kind of wifi or mobile broadband, it is too unpredictable.

Note on your cable. They are all likely fake cables. There is no such thing as cat6"e". The higher standard is cat6a.
Almost all cat8 cables a general consumer can get are also fake. They are only used in data centers where you have more than 10gbit ports. Real cat8 cable are extremely expensive. It is not the cause of your problem because bad cables you get data loss not delay. It depends on how poorly made the fake cables are, could be you just paid way too much for nothing.