Question High Memory Usage Gaming PC

Jun 15, 2022
Hey so for a little bit now ive been having some performance issues (usually in game or while streaming) and ive noticed my memory usage is really high (in game and out, on start up and while doing stuff as well) despite having 32gb of ram and was wondering what the problem could be/how to fix?

So far ive tried restarting pc, going into regedit and changing ndu value to 4, disabling sysmain service, disabling xbox app, multiple startup apps, running antivirus/malware detection via malwarebytes and windows security but nothing seems to help.

below are a bunch of screenshots including: pc specs, task manager processes/performance tabs & resource monitor, process explorer sorted by working sets to give some insight that might help and if you'd like to see anything else please let me know,
the screenshots of task manager are all taken while having google chrome open with some tabs (fewer than 10) some background apps such as nzxt cam, discord, spotify, nvidia stuff, and having the league of legends client open.

ty in advance!


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Only a little memory leak, why you wake me :)

easiest way to find them just takes time

You will need to use poolmon to identify the driver that has the biggest difference from allocs and frees. So look at difference column
paged pool = page file
non paged pool = ram. Mostly drivers, so one of yours is taking ram and not releasing it once its finished.

Download Poolmon from here - link (its Microsoft, its just via youtube)
Video shows how to use it:

you need to find a tag that matches a non Microsoft driver
It is normal for some MIcrosoft tags to always be at the top and have lots of memory as you could be seeing parts of windows that manage memory.

Here are the most common tags -

Ideal situation is get screenshots of poolmon just after a restart, so the usage is normal, not overblown. So that you can get a baseline to compare it too when you are in a situation where it is using 9gb of ram for drivers.

Show any screenshots if you want my help.

Have you run Asrock app shop to see if there are any new drivers for motherboard? phantom Gaming 4/index.asp#Download