Question High packet loss


Jan 31, 2018
So about two months ago, i started facing this weird internet issue. Whenever I am on a voice call with someone, let it be Whatsapp or messenger, the other person's voice just cuts for a few seconds every 2 or 3 minutes. Even when gaming online, my games randomly lag for a few seconds then work perfectly fine. I think it's a bad router because I had used double sided tape to stick my router on the wall and as the tape was not strong enough, it did fall down 4 to 5 times from a height of about 7ft. Ever since then I am facing this issue. This issue also happens on wired connection. I have a single internet wire coming into my house which directly goes into my wifi router (no modem or anything). Everything else works fine like video streaming and browsing. Just voice calls and gaming are an issue. Even the wifi range is not an issue. When I try to ping some random websites, i get a timed out error after every 20 odd attempts and also in call of duty warzone, when I lag, it shows that i have high packet loss at the moment (this is on wired connection).

Can anyone help me with this? Would buying a new router work?