Question High ping and packet loss in games with asus AC-68 usb wireless adapter


Dec 28, 2019
I am getting around 40-200 ping in rocket league and other games in general and just a lot of packet loss not sure why though. I downloaded the AC-68 drivers and still have the same problem any suggestions?

Mobo: Gigabyte x470 Ultra Gaming
That is one of the best USB adapters you can get. All you can do is try to move it around a bit and see if you get better signal. Otherwise it is the standard change the radio channel on the router try 2.4g instead of 5g or the reverse.
It is likely you have interference from a neighbor.

You are extremely limited in what you can do. The problem you are having is a fundamental design issue with games and wifi. Almost every other application has little to no problem with large ping spikes. Wifi because of how it does error recovery causes these random delays. Most times when gaming is your main concern powerilne networks work much better than wifi.