High Ping On Only One Computer

Aug 19, 2018

as the title suggests one of my computers has always had over 100 ping (gaming, pinging google), its always been stable but high. For the longest time i thought it was because i use this computer only when I go back to see my family in a remote village in France where i expected the ping to be high because of the slow internet speeds.

Recently i have moved to Copenhagen and my ping to google is still in the hundreds for no apparent reason when pinging google in the command prompt (ping google.com -t) i'm getting a consistent ~120 ping. I also checked with ethernet and the ping was still high. When i checked the latency on another computer, it was completely fine!

So the issue has to be somewhere in the computer, when i looked at my location online multiple websites including google maps are telling me that i was someplace in the middle of France (a place i have never been to). What i think is that i might have a virus that acts like a vpn. What do you think and do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you