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Question High ping spikes every few seconds

Oct 8, 2019
Randomly a few days ago I started getting spikes from 40 ping to 150 every few seconds nonstop all day and can't play any games online. I've restarted my router a few times but it didn't fix it. I normally use an ethernet cable so I tried switching to WiFi and nothing changed. I called my ISP and they told me that my internet is fine and nothing is wrong. Is there something I can do on my end to fix it?
You have to do more detailed testing to find where the ping spike is. The ISP will always find a way to blame your equipment or the server.....and many times it is not the ISP.

Run tracert to some common ip like

Next open a number of cmd windows and ping hop 1 (your router) hop 2 (the first ISP router) and the final ip. You can do others if you wish.

Problems to the first hop generally is a software issue on the PC but it could be a router issue. Problems to hop 2 sometimes is a problem with the connection to your house but that is generally packet loss rather than ping spikes. Ping spikes hop 2 generally are caused by over utilization of the bandwidth either up or down. Try to verify that you are not using all your bandwidth. Delays past hop2 get messy. They indicate some problem with a router that may not even be in your ISP network.