Question High ping to ISP...


Oct 10, 2017
Hi. I used to have an ISP before and to I got 40 ping. I called them up and they did something and it went down to 15. Awesome.
Now we switched ISP'S and it's on 35-45 ping and they say they can't do anything about it and I'm getting 120 ping whereas with my old isp i had 60 ping to fortnite.
Please help :(((
Many dsl systems use a errors correction method that slightly increases the latency in exchange for less data loss. I forget the exact name but it is a trade off you may cut your latency but you are more likely to take data loss.

It will not drop the latency a huge amount maybe 20ms in many cases. Be aware asking them to turn this error correction off may be worse than the extra delay.

The delay really doesn't matter unless it is huge say over 250ms. The game compensates for the difference in delays between users. What matters is that the latency is very consistent.

If is highly unlikely a game like fortnite the latency makes any difference. They already have all kinds of stuff like the bunny hop defense that main purpose is to exploit the difference in the latency.