High Pitched Whining Sound


Mar 17, 2010

I recently finished my first successful build earlier in April (around the 10th) and have noticed lately when running games a high pitched whining sound coming from the computer.

This problem just developed a few days ago and it seemed to start with older software I was running on Windows 7 (Build 7600) in XP compatibility mode. Software such as Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific. Now, the problem has spread to other 3d applications such as Arma 2, albeit on a quieter scale.

Unfortunately, I am still bouncing back and forth between whether it is the video card or the power supply unit. The whining seems to vary pitch depending on what menu item I select in various video games.

Whining sound does not occur when browsing the internet or running other programs in windows, only in games.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PSU: Corsair 750 TX
Video Card: Diamond HD 5850 (Catalyst 10.3 drivers)
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-Pro
Processor: I5-750 @ 2.6ghz
Sound: Onboard
Ram: 4gb G Skill
Operating System: Windows 7 (Build 7600)
Thats kind of funny this thread poped up today I just built a computer for a friend and got them a Antec EA430 PSU and I am noticing same thing whenever its under load and sometimes just idling a very high pitch sound is coming from the PSU. I am guessing its the transformer or something I know caps dont make noise until they go pop I am just gonna RMA my unit since I just got it. For you I would contact corsair most their units have 5 year warranties make sure you ask about cross shipping too if you do decide to RMA it so you are not without a computer.

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