Question High School Computer Setup

Aug 14, 2020
So I am trying to simply make a decent computer that can execute code, as I am pursuing a degree is computer science. Further, I am trying to build a pc with parts I already have with include: AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core (Deneb), a fan, and a graphics card that is a Dell AMD Radeon R5 430 2GB PCI-Express. I am looking for a mother board that can support those, and also wondering how strong of a power supply is needed. I am also planning to buy 8 gb of ram, purchase a power supply, case, and a storage device. Any parts suggestion is appreciated thanks!
Considering the pricing on DDR3, on PSU, and not really sure what you will run into on that mobo....

If you are US, go on ebay and get a refurbished Dell or HP office computer for $100 or so, add an SSD, and boom.
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