Question High Temp and High Load on RX 480

Jul 23, 2019

I am having trouble with my RX 480 concerning temperature and load. I bought this rig in 10.2016 and the only changes made until today are two additional HDD's. I have two problems with my graphics card and one of them has been there since I bought it.

1. High temperature. The 480 is always between 70-77 °C hot... - in idle mode. Even when I'm only watching videos or writing stuff on Word, it's that hot. And it has never been any different. I do not understand why. When I'm playing games, it rises to 85ish, sometimes even more.

2. Load. This problem first occurred at the end of last year and I think it's the reason why my games are lagging. When I play CS:GO, I usually have between 150 and 250 fps. I'm using an Acer 144hz Monitor, that's why I was always comfortable with it. Now for some reason, the load rises completely to the top, like really the top. I'm talking about 99-100%. And whenever this happens, and recently it happens very often, my fps drop to a minimum, like 30-80. And when it does, it feels like I'm playing with 5 FPS. When this first happened I turned on the cooling system of my case and everything was fine. Now even turning on the cooling does not help. I am not sure what it is and how I can change it, but I think I need your help.

I had some major issues with the installation of the AMD drivers, so I decided to reinstall Win10 64-Bit, and it helped, but the problem with my graphics card did not change.

I am looking forward to hearing from you



8GB PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Red Devil Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16 1xDVI / 1xHDMI 2.0 / 3xDisplayPort (Retail)
Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H Intel B150 So.1151 Dual Channel DDR mATX Retail
16GB (2x 8192MB) G.Skill Value DDR4-2133 DIMM CL15-15-15-35 Dual Kit
Intel Core i7 6700 4x 3.40GHz So.1151 BOX
250GB Samsung 750 Evo 2.5" (6.4cm) SATA 6Gb/s TLC Toggle (MZ-750250BW)
1000GB Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 7.200U/min 32MB 3.5" (8.9cm) SATA 6Gb/s
EKL Ben Nevis Tower Kühler
Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 gedämmt Midi Tower ohne Netzteil schwarz
2000GB Seagate BarraCuda ST2000DM006 7.200U/min 64MB 3.5" (8.9cm) SATA 6Gb/s


First and foremost, in order to power that entire system whilst having an RX480 in, I'd have chosen a reliable PSU that could output at least 550W of power, anything higher than that would be left for headroom and longevity.

Your issue, to me, can be from the PSU since you're needing at least 500W for the entire system. Might want to source a higher wattage unit made with reliable components by a notable brand and see if the GPU ends up being stable though I think it's also been damaged at this point.

You might also want to see if you have any BIOS updates pending for your motherboard and check back with the version of your OS. Windows 10 is currently on 1903, use Windows Media Creation Tools to make your bootable installer.
Jul 23, 2019
Firstly, thanks for your reply.

1. Are there any brands or specific PSU's you would recommend me for this system?

2. What do you exactly mean with "check back with the version of your OS"
I installed Win 10 64-Bit like 3 days ago and it seems like it downloaded the latest updates automatically, however I could not find out whether I am on 1903 or not. How do I check this out?

I will try to update my BIOS in case of any lacking updates.